Monday, December 10, 2007

Lion Creek Crossings Computer Lab Setup

On Saturday December 8th, the San Francisco and East Oakland Digital Connectors installed the Lion Creeks Crossings Computer Lab. The Computer Lab will provide technology resources to the residents living @ Lion Creek Crossings Affordable Housing. Phase II has been completed and the computer lab will be introduced to the community very soon.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Saturday Morning @ Malcolm X Elementary School

Manual labor in the morning, what a better way to start of the day (sarcastic).

Even though I would of rather of been in bed on a Saturday morning I have to say that it was pretty fun to of gone to Malcolm X academy and of installed all of the computers for them. We had to mess around with the stuff that we didn't understand and test out some new ideas if something didn't work the way we wanted to. It was really exiting to know that you can do something like that for someone.

Thalia Marroquin

Malcolm X Computer Lab Set UP Saturday

Last Saturday, We the digital connectors went to Malcolm X Elementary School in the Hunters Point Area; to help setup a computer lab.

We separated into 2 groups, one that organized the computers, and another one that help find the Internet connection. After we did that, we help cleaned up the computers and then started setting up the computers. When we were done, the teachers came in and thanked us for our services. They did a dance for us, and then we took a bunch of pictures.

It was fun going to Malcolm X, and I can't wait to see how the next project will turn out.
-Theresa Davis

Malcom X Computer Lab Setup

Well on Saturday we went to Malcolm X elementary to set up a computer lab. We all taught it was going to be very challenging because it was all our first time but when we got their we had made an inventory separating everything and putting it in different places so it would be easier to find. After we did that we got to work well we all started to setup the computer lab as we were doing this it was really easy I didn't know I had it in me knowing how to set up a computer even though some stuff was challenging but others were really easy. I really think this was a good experience for me and my teammates. I think we really help out the school allot because they did not have a computer lab in their school but know they do and they can surf the web all they want to. I really like at the end how the teachers had made us a good job cheer it was really awesome and we really appreciated it. We really enjoy the experience we had on Saturday i hope to experience more.
Imelda Guzman

Malcolm X Elementary School Computer Instalation

On Saturday we went to Malcolm X Elementary school to set up some computers for the students at that school. When we got there they didn't have no computers installed at all; by the end of the day we had at least more than 10 computers for the children at that school. Close to the end of the day one of us got hurt got hit by a Monitor. It was kinda my fault because I wasn't paying attention and I was playing around after It was done so now i know not to be PLAYING AROUND IN A WORK SITE. IT WAS A FUN DAY. HOPE TO DO IT AGAIN SOON!!!!

Juan Leverman

Malcom X Computer Lab Set UP

It was early in the morning [well not that early] and we were in the car with Leo going to Malcom X to setup their computer lab. I felt okay about going to Malcom X, I really thought that it was going to be hard and that it was going to take all day. When we got there it was calm and I was kind of confused on what to do, but when we got things moving it went smooth. We first had to clean up our space and sort all the equipment so that we could be organized and make things easier.

We then had some digital connectors test the Internet before we setup the computers, We then got split up into teams of two. We had top get our computer parts and set them up. I thought I didn't know how to setup a computer but surprisingly i did! The day went by fast and we fixed up the lab pretty fast. There were some moments where we had fun and we had an problem/accident but every one makes mistakes. After that mistake we went back so work and got everything done just in time. Doing this computer lab made me feel like i can do other things in life and I feel proud of myself after doing something good. I really liked setting up a computer lab and I'm looking forward to another one.
-Cecily Alfaro

Malcom X Computer Lab Setup

When we went to Malcolm X Elementary school to setup computers I thought it was going to be hard But it was easy. All it took was a little team work and organizing the supplies to get the job done right. It was a lot of fun to and a good work experience because this way the first time I did something like this. It felt good doing something good for someone else you think its not really a big deal and at the time you don't but when they come and say "thank you" it feels good.

Especially when the Malcolm X staff sang us a song and took pictures with us the staff was really funny and silly so it was easy for us to be our selves and be more comfortable. That also made it easy for us to get the job done it didn't feel like we were working it just felt like we were having fun. This made us finish faster then we thought we would and we had help from other digital connectors to so we met new people and had fun while doing our job which is to help the community I like my job I'm glad i took it working here makes me have a sense of accomplishment

Mission Digital Connector
Elizabeth Garcia

Malcom X Computer Lab Set Up......



Malcom X project

On last Saturday, the digital connectors went to the middle school Malcom X to set up a computer lab for the kids. It was pretty fun, we organized everything in place and it looked all professional. I think for the first time we did a good job.We had tp clean a bit but for the most part it was pretty clean. After we went to get pizza and it was really really good pizza, like amazing though. We were all very persisant in my opinion and it was a really good for learning.
Javier/Digital Connector

SF KQED Channel 9 Site Visit

On Monday December 3rd the SF Digital Connectors were invited to participate on a KQED Channel 9 Tour Visit.

The learned about what type of technology is being utilized to broadcast programming for one of the most impressive public channels in the San Francisco area. Digital Connectors also learned about KQED radio station and learned about the type of skills you need to have in order to work in TV and Radio business.

We would like to thank Katheelen Acord and Steve for accommodating our Site Career Exploration Activity to KQED. The youth were amazed that the shift to digital production just happened four years ago. Steve was great, and offered great advice about breaking into a competitive field.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Malcolm X Computer Lab Setup

On Saturday 11 members from the SF Digital Connectors came installed a computer lab inside SF Malcolm X Elementary School. Malcolm X Elementary School is located in the heart of the Hunters Point Neighborhood. One of the roughest neighborhoods in San Francisco.

The youth installed 10 computers that will accommodate approximately 400 kids between the grades of K-5. We would like to thanks Principal Foster for letting us come and provide a Community Service Opportunity to the San Francisco Unified School District.