Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Malcom X Computer Lab Setup

When we went to Malcolm X Elementary school to setup computers I thought it was going to be hard But it was easy. All it took was a little team work and organizing the supplies to get the job done right. It was a lot of fun to and a good work experience because this way the first time I did something like this. It felt good doing something good for someone else you think its not really a big deal and at the time you don't but when they come and say "thank you" it feels good.

Especially when the Malcolm X staff sang us a song and took pictures with us the staff was really funny and silly so it was easy for us to be our selves and be more comfortable. That also made it easy for us to get the job done it didn't feel like we were working it just felt like we were having fun. This made us finish faster then we thought we would and we had help from other digital connectors to so we met new people and had fun while doing our job which is to help the community I like my job I'm glad i took it working here makes me have a sense of accomplishment

Mission Digital Connector
Elizabeth Garcia

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