Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Malcom X Computer Lab Setup

Well on Saturday we went to Malcolm X elementary to set up a computer lab. We all taught it was going to be very challenging because it was all our first time but when we got their we had made an inventory separating everything and putting it in different places so it would be easier to find. After we did that we got to work well we all started to setup the computer lab as we were doing this it was really easy I didn't know I had it in me knowing how to set up a computer even though some stuff was challenging but others were really easy. I really think this was a good experience for me and my teammates. I think we really help out the school allot because they did not have a computer lab in their school but know they do and they can surf the web all they want to. I really like at the end how the teachers had made us a good job cheer it was really awesome and we really appreciated it. We really enjoy the experience we had on Saturday i hope to experience more.
Imelda Guzman

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