Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Malcom X Computer Lab Set UP

It was early in the morning [well not that early] and we were in the car with Leo going to Malcom X to setup their computer lab. I felt okay about going to Malcom X, I really thought that it was going to be hard and that it was going to take all day. When we got there it was calm and I was kind of confused on what to do, but when we got things moving it went smooth. We first had to clean up our space and sort all the equipment so that we could be organized and make things easier.

We then had some digital connectors test the Internet before we setup the computers, We then got split up into teams of two. We had top get our computer parts and set them up. I thought I didn't know how to setup a computer but surprisingly i did! The day went by fast and we fixed up the lab pretty fast. There were some moments where we had fun and we had an problem/accident but every one makes mistakes. After that mistake we went back so work and got everything done just in time. Doing this computer lab made me feel like i can do other things in life and I feel proud of myself after doing something good. I really liked setting up a computer lab and I'm looking forward to another one.
-Cecily Alfaro

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