Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Digital Connector Elizabeth Helping Resident

Teresa Zavala, Mission Resident earned a laptop for being an excellent student @ Caminos Pathway Learning Center. The Laptop was awarded by the SF Mayor Gavin Newsom; thru a project between the Mayor's Office and Caminos Organization.

Teresa is taking Introduction to Computer Classes @ Caminos and would like to start using her laptop. She came into our program and asked if one of the Digital Connectors could help her out how to use her brand new laptop.

Elizabeth Garcia, Mission Digital Connector offered herself to assist Teresa. She will be helping her how to use the laptop as well how to use the Hot Spots around the Mission District.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Misson Digital Connectors Orientation Night

On Wednesday November 14th, the Mission Digital Connectors Program was introduced to the Community, Family Members and Partners.

Digital Connectors Presented to the community their program activities and goals plus program objectives. After the presentation guest had the opportunity to learn about the Beehive, Zip Road and spoke to kids about their intended work in the Mission District.

See you in the Community!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Team Work (Orientation Presentations)

Digital Connectors have been working in teams developing PowerPoint Presentations for the Community Orientation Night on Wednesday November 14th, 2007

On Orientation night Digital Connectors will present to their parents and community members the PowerPoint Presentations that will highlight the training they have received so far and future program activities.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

EA Nonprofit Showcase

On Tuesday Nov 6th, the SF Digital Connectors were invited to participate in the Electronics Arts Institute Showcase.

Two SF Digital Connectors, Adriana Morales and Juan Leverman participated in the showcase that highlighted local nonprofits.

The purpose of the Showcase was to raise funds for the Bay Area Digital Connectors Program and accept hardware and software donations from EA.com employees.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Bank of America Financial Literacy Workshop

On Friday November Bank of America Employees, Josue Balladares and Gabriel Lemus came to speak to the Mission Digital Connectors about Financial Literacy and the benefits of having a bank account at a early age.

The Digital Connectors were really happy withe the Visit and had ask a lot of questions for both of the Guest Speakers.

Also Digital Connectors were eligible to sign up for a free checking Bank of America with a $25.00 deposit.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Guest Speaker from Bank of America

Well today in Digital Connectors we had two guest speakers come i and tell us about having a checking account and how it can be useful in life. The two male speakers that came in were Josue Bonilla,and Gabriel Lemus. They told us about how if you have a checking account you can and can't give access to your parents. Also that if we were to make a checking account Leo will be getting $25 because he referred us to this and with that money he can improve this program.They also taught us about that this checking account we are doing if we do it will be free and we wont have to pay for it .That's not all we also learned about the fees and loans that you can get but you this loan will come with and interest rate that you will have to pay until you finish paying the loan.They not only taught us stuff but we received a frizz bee, poster and a CD holder. Imelda Guzman

Bank of America$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Whatz Good Bloggers.....
Today at work Leo had presentors from Bank Of America telling us about their student account imformation. I found it very interesting becuase i got alot of imformation about student loans and fixed interest rates which were thing i wanted know for my future.....

Bank of America guest speakers

The guest speakers that came to the meeting today where very informative and explained hoe we could open our own account.They told us how to have a student account where we could save in any amount of money and not have to pay any fee's thanks to us being only students. My concern about this is how w could cash in our checks without getting charged for it. Also what I was interested in is how to make investments at our age and to give access to people that might need it like our parents or maybe someone we would marry in the future. I guess I should really take all of what we learned in sense I already have a checking and savings account.
Thalia Marroquin

Bank of America Guest Speakers

Today we had guess speakers from back of America their names where Josue Bonilla and Gabriel Lemus. They told use that we can make a checking account that will be only ours and our parents cant not get into it. They talked to use about college loans and how things work with that.

They taught use that we need to keep track of our money and not go over of what we have or eals we are gonna need to owe money to the bank. We asked questions and they answered them and after they told us if we get people into the bank we will get $25 bucks for every person we get. So for me that is a good thing making money off other people. In the end we took pictures with Josue and Gabriel and ate some DONUTS!!!!!!.

This was a great experience learning about the banking system and i thank them for taking time to come and talk to use.

Adolfo Garcia

Bank of America Guest Speakers

Today we had some guest speakers from bank of America their names were Josue Bonilla and Gabriel Lemus.

They came in suits they looked like pros. They gave us free stuff like a frisbee and a poster and also a cd holder.they were very funny people.they was cool.

They came to offered us free checking accounts. It is free for 5 years because we are minors. Also they give us 25$ if we help someone open an account at the bank.

Bank of America Guest Speakers

Today we had 2 Bank of America guest speakers named Josue Bonilla and Gabriel Lemus. They were dressed very professional in suits,they knew exactly how to answer our questions without getting tongue tied. Josue made everything clear how to create a saving account. He guaranteed us that if we open a bank account there is nobody that could get information from it,not even our own family members.

They also taught us to be smart with our money,because in the future the money we are earning right now is going to be very useful in our daily routine. If you open a saving account the first five years is absolutely free. They covered the subject that every high school student would be concerned about,and that would be with money that you would need for college.

Josue made it very clear and told us that we have to shop around with the branches that would be affordable to us, and he told us that in general. IF it comes to the point when we are going to purchase our car,house,etc. We have to go and shop and then when you gather information from the different places you have been searching you sit down and compare the prices,rates,and the benefits that would be useful to you.

Mission Digital Connector
Adriana Morales

Back of America speakers

Bank Of America Speakers

Today we had some guest speakers from Bank Of America that informed us about their bank. their names were Josue Bonilla and Gabriel Lemus. They talked about a student account and how it works. they told us that we would not get charged for things in our account and that its our own personal account and that we do not need our parents permission for it. They also talked making a checking and saving accounts. They talked a little bit about how we could get some loans for college and how the payments for them work. They informed us about all they fee's they charge and what percentages the use and what percent we wound get. They told us that we get money back for opening an new account. They told us that we could make payments on line for free because of a student account and that we could have this student account for five years. They gave us a lot of good information that is useful for starting a bank account.They also gave us their card just in case we had more questions, and we could go in and talk to them about other concerns about banks. This was a good learning experience for all of us and I am thankful that they took time out to give us a talk about their bank.

-Cecily Alfaro

Bank of America guest speakers

Today we had some guest speakers from Bank Of America there names were josue Bonilla & Gabriel Lemus. They came well prepared an told us a lot of information we didn't know like how to make a checking and saving accounts.The good thing about them coming was that we could make a account with them. Rite away with outgoing to the bank and it was so much faster then going to the bank. They gave us gifts they brought CD holders,Frisbees,and a giants poster. We also got there cards in case we had more questions for them they gave us two different types of cards one for loan and another for teller.Them coming to tell us what they do and what they can help us with was very helpful and a good thing to learn I'm glad they came.

this was a good experience for the digital connectors were going to try working with them.So you guys should try making a account in the bank of America i think it would be a good idea.

Bank of America guest speakers

We had guest speakers from Bank of America, they were very professional. They came in suits and answered all of are bank related questions, they were all really nice and informative. I learned about checking and saving accounts, and just how helpful it is knowing about bank accounts so that in the future you know your way around and aren't confused or lost. They passed out frisbees, posters, their business cards, and CD holders. I was curious to find out about fees to check out money out of your savings account more then 3 times a month. They explained how we could open an account and that legally nobody else could have access to it except the account holder. This was a good learning experience, that will be needed in the future. I thought that today was a very progressive day.

Bank of America Guest speakers

Today guest speakers from Bank of America came to speak about Bank accounting. They taught us about the importance of having a bank account, collge loans and the different types of accounts. With saving accounts you can only take money 3 times a month, but with a checking account you can put in and take money out whenever you want. If you were to take money out of the account that you didn't put in, they would charge a fee. So if i took $2 extra, i would have to pay the $2 and $35 fine for each time I made a transaction. They also gave us packets also, so we could learn more about banking. I'm glad they came, because now I have more information about banking.

Mission Digital Connectors Marketing Toolkit and Campaign

Digital Connector Deborah Estrada is preparing the Mission Digital Connectors Marketing Toolkit. The toolkit includes Beehive and Zip Road collaterals as posters, postcards, brochures, magnets, pencils and other souvenirs that the Mission Digital Connectors will start passing out in the community.

The San Francisco Digital Connectors will participate in a Mission District Marketing Campaign that will increase traffic to our main SF websites: www.beehivesf.org and www.ziproad.org

Digital Connectors will also be trained on how to promote our products and will collect valuable information about the campaign. This campaign will start on November 5th and will continue all the way to May 2008.