Thursday, February 14, 2008

Computer Classes

So far my experience with my computer student has been really exciting. We have covered so many things. For example, the first day I taught her how to use office word. She was very excited to learn such easy things that a computer has to offer. Now days she knows how to type, indent, etc. a letter or anything she wants to write in word. After getting through with the office process I also taught her about adobe Photoshop. She now knows to open the program and how to put the picture she selected in the window. Once she got that through with she started to add effects on her picture she chose. At the end of the day she was happy to learn two things in one day. She shared with me that after so many years that she tried to figure some simple things she basically knows it.

The second time she came I thought her how to be familiarized with her email she recently had opened. By the second time she came in the lab she practically was doing everything on her own, I just needed to help her with some minor details. She wanted to know what other things her email has to offer. We scrolled around and she discovered that in her email she could save notes or appointments and be reminded the day she indicated. When she went to her homepage she was looking at the news or entertainment that was posted daily in. She was happy to know that if she read a very important article she could share it with her friends and family. The only thing that she needed to do was at the bottom of the article she had finished reading they gave her two choices, in those were to save it so she could read it next time or email it to someone. So she decided to email it to her brother. And something that she desperately wanted to learn for a very long time was how to attach a certain thing to her email that she wanted to sent to someone. So that’s what I did I taught her the steps how to attach a file from her computer to her email, she was happy to know how fast and easy it was to do that. Later after covering that step she went to her draft and she didn’t had any idea what that was used for. I explained to her what it was for, and when we went to her draft she had a whole lot of drafts saved that she never knew herself. After that, she asked what the purpose of the junk mail was. I told her that it was emails that she had erased and they go directly to the junk mail. I also told her that if she sends an email to the junk but she regret it and wants it back, it was simple to do. Click on your junk mail and click on the email you want to restore in your in box again. At the end she was happy to know all about her emails and small details that it implied. She mentioned to me that the next time she was going to bring her digital camera and wants to be taught how to save, sent, and share the pictures she download to her computer.

Adriana Morales, SF Digital Connector

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