Monday, April 14, 2008

Birng it California

Tuesday April 8 we had an event called bring it home California. This event started at 3:30 but we had to earlier to prepare everything. When i got there their were many people already there it was a pretty awesome event.What we had to do was give people information about the bee-hive and register them in the website. We showed them many things about the beehive some people were really interested in it others were just doing to enter the raffle because in the raffle we were going to raffle a laptop for the person that had the most luck. Well it was really cool experience because I also learned more stuff about the beehive that didn't know before but know I do. The person that won the raffle was a young guy he seemed pretty intrested in the website and wanted to learn more so that's probably why he won it. Not only did they have a raffle but they also had food lots of food BBQ and lots of salads but I wasn't really hungry so i didn't eat much but cookies and cake. this was a great opportunity for people to learn what we did and to learn about the beehive. Imelda Guzman

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