Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bring it California Event

Yesterday we went to the Bring it on California Event at Valencia Gardens, it was really fun and there was a great turn out, that place was packed. The president of One Economy corporation was there and a lot of other one economy staff. There was food, a lot of food, hot dogs, cake, BBQ chicken, little mini water bottles, man...a lot of stuff!! We registered people on the Beehive and in return we gave them a ticket to be entered in a raffle to win a new laptop. People asked a lot of questions about the Beehive and the digital connectors. Valencia Gardens has really cool animal statues, I sat on the cat shaped one. It was fun..AT&T was there, they gave me a little cool box thingy with a little stapler, pen, and staples. I took it to school today and everybody wished that they went and felt like they missed out. I think that a big amount of people learned about the program and what the digital connectors do in the community and for the community. It was worth going to and for everyone that didn't go, you missed out, GO TO ALL OF OUR EVENTS!!

Javier Perea
SF Digital Connector

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