Monday, April 14, 2008


The Event that we had on Tuesday was at Valencia Gardens, there was a lot of different organization's there. The event started at 3:30, but the Digital Connectors had to be here at 2. Most of us were late! i was the second person to arrive. I had to put my Beehive shirt on really fast, set up my laptop, sign in people and go to the table to talk to people about what we do as Digital Connectors. I was overwhelmed with all the stuff that i had to do the minute i walked through the door. The event was a lot to handle with all the people coming in and out, but it was a great experience with being able to talk to a lot of people. We were raffling a FREE laptop but you had to sign up with the Beehive in order to try to win it. There was the president if one economy and staff. They had a BBQ outside and had a lot of people talk about Valencia gardens and the digital connectors!! over all i had a lot of fun and i hope w could do that again!


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