Thursday, March 27, 2008

EA tour

On Tuesday the 25Th of March we went to Redwood city to with the San Jose digital connectors. We learned so much about video games and how they are created. Julie Winn was the person that did the honor to help us know about electronics she showed us around and showed pretty much how things work where she works at being the manager for Outreach Corporate Given. This was a wonderful opportunity for to expand our knowledge in video games. After Julie gave us the tour we got to play some of the video game systems that they had for people visiting. I decided to play the "Wii" it was really fun.Before all of this Julie gave us the opportunity to go to the store and purchase any games of our choice for 50% off discount.This was a great tour for us. I hope to go to more tours.
Imelda Guzman

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