Thursday, March 20, 2008

SF Mission Digital Connectors Computer Lab Damaged

On Monday March 17th, 2008 the Caminos Computer Lab where we have been hosting our Mission Digital Connectors since October 2007 was damaged due to a 4 alarm fire on the building above 1470 Valencia Street.

The program was shutdown earlier on that evening and I was the only person inside the computer lab when it happen, usually on Mondays between the hours of 4-6pm our lab is full of Latino residents learning how to use the Internet and Computer Applications plus 10 Digital Connectors. Thankfully on that evening everybody was gone by the time the fire started. I was the only one inside the lab cleaning up and making copies for our next class.

"All I remember is the popping sound of popcorn but 1,000 times stronger, when I went back to the other side of the computer lab to check on the noise I realize that there was a fire going on the back wall of the computer lab; I got out as fast as I could.

The lab suffered damages from the water, lights and wood that came down from the apartments above.

Caminos organization is our partner in the Mission District of San Francisco and they need a lot of help rebuilding their computer lab. Our Mission Digital Connectors will temporarily work out of another Caminos Computer lab.

Leonardo Sosa
Regional Director, Youth Initiatives
One Economy Corporation

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