Thursday, March 27, 2008

EA tour

Tuesday, March 25Th

The digital connectors from San Francisco and San Jose went to EA. We got a ride by our boss, not all the mission digital connectors could make it, but five of us did. We went to Redwood city to get a tour of the site. We got a tour by Julie Winn, she is the manager for Outreach Corporate Given. When we first got there we had to meet all the digital connectors and introduce our self's. We went inside and we got to go into the store to buy anything we wanted. We were able to purchase games for only $20. After the game store, we learned about all the games that were made, how they did real stunts for the game, about the history of how games were made and the people who made them. We looked at the game rooms they have and they were awesome! What i thought was cool was that they are able to use the game rooms to test out their games. EA also had a little park made, and they had a basketball court made. i thought that the whole experience from EA was cool and very interesting.

Cecily Alfaro, SF Mission Digital Connector

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