Thursday, March 27, 2008 Tour

The experience we had when we went to EA games was fun we got to meet new digital connectors from other areas. We also learned what people do there and what they do to make the games. Julie Winn was the women who gave us the tour of the place she took us to different sections of the buildings they even have a game store in there. They also have the games on the walls or pictures i guess you can call it a wall of Each game has a story to it and they get every detail of say a player in the game they get everything to their face and tattoos. There also games based on story's and movies it takes time to make a game and they test dive them before sending it in store. I didn't know there was all this stuff and all this things you had to do for a game or to work in EA games. The thing i liked most about this place was that you can go to school because they have a school in there so you can learn more about using technology. So this was a good experience for me..i just wish we got to play more but it was fun thank you EA games!!

from: SF Mission Digital Connector,
Elizabeth Garcia

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