Friday, November 2, 2007

Bank Of America Speakers

Today we had some guest speakers from Bank Of America that informed us about their bank. their names were Josue Bonilla and Gabriel Lemus. They talked about a student account and how it works. they told us that we would not get charged for things in our account and that its our own personal account and that we do not need our parents permission for it. They also talked making a checking and saving accounts. They talked a little bit about how we could get some loans for college and how the payments for them work. They informed us about all they fee's they charge and what percentages the use and what percent we wound get. They told us that we get money back for opening an new account. They told us that we could make payments on line for free because of a student account and that we could have this student account for five years. They gave us a lot of good information that is useful for starting a bank account.They also gave us their card just in case we had more questions, and we could go in and talk to them about other concerns about banks. This was a good learning experience for all of us and I am thankful that they took time out to give us a talk about their bank.

-Cecily Alfaro

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