Friday, November 2, 2007

Guest Speaker from Bank of America

Well today in Digital Connectors we had two guest speakers come i and tell us about having a checking account and how it can be useful in life. The two male speakers that came in were Josue Bonilla,and Gabriel Lemus. They told us about how if you have a checking account you can and can't give access to your parents. Also that if we were to make a checking account Leo will be getting $25 because he referred us to this and with that money he can improve this program.They also taught us about that this checking account we are doing if we do it will be free and we wont have to pay for it .That's not all we also learned about the fees and loans that you can get but you this loan will come with and interest rate that you will have to pay until you finish paying the loan.They not only taught us stuff but we received a frizz bee, poster and a CD holder. Imelda Guzman

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