Friday, November 2, 2007

Bank of America Guest Speakers

Today we had guess speakers from back of America their names where Josue Bonilla and Gabriel Lemus. They told use that we can make a checking account that will be only ours and our parents cant not get into it. They talked to use about college loans and how things work with that.

They taught use that we need to keep track of our money and not go over of what we have or eals we are gonna need to owe money to the bank. We asked questions and they answered them and after they told us if we get people into the bank we will get $25 bucks for every person we get. So for me that is a good thing making money off other people. In the end we took pictures with Josue and Gabriel and ate some DONUTS!!!!!!.

This was a great experience learning about the banking system and i thank them for taking time to come and talk to use.

Adolfo Garcia

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