Friday, November 2, 2007

Bank of America guest speakers

Today we had some guest speakers from Bank Of America there names were josue Bonilla & Gabriel Lemus. They came well prepared an told us a lot of information we didn't know like how to make a checking and saving accounts.The good thing about them coming was that we could make a account with them. Rite away with outgoing to the bank and it was so much faster then going to the bank. They gave us gifts they brought CD holders,Frisbees,and a giants poster. We also got there cards in case we had more questions for them they gave us two different types of cards one for loan and another for teller.Them coming to tell us what they do and what they can help us with was very helpful and a good thing to learn I'm glad they came.

this was a good experience for the digital connectors were going to try working with them.So you guys should try making a account in the bank of America i think it would be a good idea.

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