Friday, November 2, 2007

Bank of America Guest Speakers

Today we had 2 Bank of America guest speakers named Josue Bonilla and Gabriel Lemus. They were dressed very professional in suits,they knew exactly how to answer our questions without getting tongue tied. Josue made everything clear how to create a saving account. He guaranteed us that if we open a bank account there is nobody that could get information from it,not even our own family members.

They also taught us to be smart with our money,because in the future the money we are earning right now is going to be very useful in our daily routine. If you open a saving account the first five years is absolutely free. They covered the subject that every high school student would be concerned about,and that would be with money that you would need for college.

Josue made it very clear and told us that we have to shop around with the branches that would be affordable to us, and he told us that in general. IF it comes to the point when we are going to purchase our car,house,etc. We have to go and shop and then when you gather information from the different places you have been searching you sit down and compare the prices,rates,and the benefits that would be useful to you.

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Adriana Morales

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