Thursday, October 25, 2007

About Zip Road

I think that Zip Road is a great web site because it helps students and parents to check out thing like school and after school programs that can help use out. It helped me out to check a college that I'm thinking of going and I already made a appointment and I have their number to go check out the college.

Somethings that I will like to check out on your web site like resources would be like how many students are in the school and if theirs any more room in the school maybe u do i just didn't find it but if not that would be a great thing to add in. And maybe more information like after school summer programs for kids that are 12 and older that are around their community and maybe some pictures of the school, but still its a great web site and I will be checking in to find more info about colleges!

-Adolfo Garcia
Mission Digital Connector

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