Thursday, October 25, 2007

Trainig as a Digital Connector

Well so far its only been one week but the training has been really good. I have already learned lots like right know how to blog, we learned about how to get free Internet access, how the internet works and how the city of San Francisco will soon be a wireless city so you would be able to get internet access anywhere you go. And how this works is with a small digital cheap device connected to your DSL that will be able to get free wireless internet. This device is called Meraki.

This training has also thought me about the website ZipRoad and how it works and helps people in the community. Such as helps people evaluate schools without visiting the school showing them the amount of students in each class and their test scores. Also tells you about tutoring homework help after school programs and Summer camps . And also gives you information and helps you get scholarships for colleges.

Overall this might not be lots that I've learned but its only been the first week their is still lots to learn. I have a whole lot ahead of me. I will be able to do many things by the time I leave from this program I will have lots of knowledge in me in technology.

Imelda Guzman

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