Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Mission Digital Connectors Program Launches

One Economy will build on the activities of the summer 2007 Program and leverage our four-year investment in San Francisco to expand and institutionalize the San Francisco Mission Digital Connectors program as a vehicle for youth-led Beehive ( and Zip Road ( marketing and training, technology instruction and support, youth media and civic journalism.

Program Objectives

1. To promote technology via a youth-led Buzz marketing campaign:

    1. Computer training and Tech Support to local CBO’s
    2. Community events to promote Technology Services
    3. Youth-developed ‘guerrilla marketing’ strategies to promote Internet Safety

2. To use Digital Storytelling to document how technology has helped improve the lives of low-income San Franciscans

3. To provide technology education and leadership development experience to 10 young people, ages 14 – 17, living in the Mission District

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