Thursday, October 25, 2007


I think that ZipRoad is very useful because it lets us be able to see ratings in schools and to see other programs in school that we do not know.We could use this website to look into college. We could find tutoring and homework help if we need it. it is a way for our parents to try to help us find help or to help us do good in school. The website could help us find the right way to go after high school. I found some news that would help and a map of each school and the location of them. this site is really useful for a lot of things.

Some information that i would like to see on this web site is some pictures of the school so we could see what it look likes. I would like to see a little more information about the schools and what they are rated. I would like to see how kids and parents are involved in schools and programs. Maybe see some ratings from parents on schools and programs. I would like to see if they had extra enrollments from the school,so other kids could try to get into them.

Other resources i use to see schools is SFUSD to find a little bit more on schools. i do not use any other site about schools. I use the web sites at school and i talk to teachers about different schools. I find ZipRoad very useful and it has more information on schools than i have seen on any other web site. I havnt seen any other website like this and it is useful to other people who want to find out more about schools and programs.

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