Thursday, October 25, 2007

Zip Road

ZIPROAD is very useful and helpful to anyone especially for parents to see what kind off school they want to send there kids to. It tells you the address and it tells you what kind of test scores the school has so they now if the environment is OK for there kids and if the school is good.It also tells you how many kids the school can hold and how many kids the teachers are allowed to have in there class. It tells you what demographics they have in the school and the percent of students in that race; it also tells you about the information that's good to know.

This web site is helpful like i said before but something I would like to see in the website is a picture of the school the outside of the school and inside.for example like a tour online of the school so if someone doesn't have time to go see it in person they can see it online. I'm just saying because i think that would be good for the parents to have but the website is good you should check it out.

Other resources that I have used is SFUSD but I like this website better because it tells you the things straight forward and makes it easy to find what you want. In the SFUSD its kind of harder to find information and its more complicated. In ZIPROAD its more easy and simple that a kid can use it for there own needs and not ask there parents to help them they can be independent. Even though they can do it alone they should have there parents there so they can both learn something knew.

Elizabeth Garcia
SF Digital Connector

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