Friday, October 26, 2007

Caminos Mesh Wireless Network

On Thursday October 25th, the Mission Digital Connectors started to test the signal strength for the Camino's Mesh Wireless Network. The Meraki Wireless Network has been installed by Camino's in order to provide Free Internet Services to the Latino families in the Mission District.

The Digital Connectors went out from their computer lab and took laptops to test the signal and locate access points. Some of the weaker access points could get a booster on the Wireless Workshop that will be provided by the Mission Digital Connectors on Friday October 26th, @ 4:00pm.

Digital Connectors will create a map that will highlight the apartments near Caminos Pathway Learning Center that might have access to the Mesh Network.

Digital Connectors will also give away Wireless Cards for residents that sign up for Zip Road ( and Beehive ( Training as part of the Web Content resources Digital Connector's Program has to offer to the Latino Families of the Mission District.

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