Thursday, October 25, 2007

Being a Digital Connector

Thursday 25, 2007

So far working as a S.F digital connector has been very excited. Even though a week has past by I have learn somethings that I have never thought about. I remember learning about the Meraki is a device that helps you to connect to the internet but you have to have a DSL line to connect it to. Its a small device but it shows you how strong is your internet signal in whatever part you are in. In this training that I'm in I am decided to learn everything about computers that I'm still not familiar with, that way when i go out to the community i would help people and explain anything they want to be informed about based on what i learned.

It's exciting for me to know that i would help families, people with low income that can't afford internet access to get one for free. And to see how useful it is for every member in the family to know anything they want just a click away.

Adriana Morales
Mission Digital Connector

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