Thursday, October 25, 2007


In class we learned about the wireless net work and how to get connected to the Internet. W saw some wire less networks that were set up around the neighborhood. We also learned how to go around the Mission District to find out where people could get free Internet. Today we will be testing this and we will make a map on where a good signal is in the neighborhood.

Before learning about the wire less net work we got to see a website called Zip Road. I think that Zip Road is very useful website. It lets us be able to see rating in schools and to see other programs in school that we do not know.We could use this website to look into college. We could find tutoring and homework help if we need it. it is a way for our parents to try to help us find help or to help us do good in school. The website could help us find the right way to go after high school. I found some news that would help and a map of each school and the location of them. this website is really useful.

Some information that i would like to see on his website is some pictures of the school so we could see what it look likes. I would like to see a little more information about the schools and what they are rated. I would like to see how kids and parents are involved in schools and programs. Maybe see some ratings from parents on schools and programs. I would like to see if they had extra enrollments from the school,so other kids could try to get in the school they want.

Other resources i use to see schools is SFUSD to find a little bit more on schools. I do not use any other site about schools and i have not known any other website until we learned about Zip Road. I use the websites that are available at my school and i talk to teachers about different schools to see if they have anything to say about them. I find Zip Road very useful and it has more information about a lot of subjects that come in handy. I haven't seen any other website like this and it is useful to other people to use this website to get information.

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