Thursday, October 25, 2007

Me as a Digital Connector

This first week as a Digital Connector has been very exiting. The training that we got wasn't so hard but it's a Little hard to remember so much in just one week. I really want to learn more engineering. I want to learn how to make mixes and downloads songs onto a CD. What I am looking forward to doing is finding new sights I never knew of. Also I really want to help my friends and families with troubles they might get on the computer like I use to have. But first I have to learn all that I can with the laptops and home computers.

It is kind of hard trying to keep balance with everything that i have to do daily. School, homework, Digital Connector work an on top of that tutoring help. But its actually kind of fun to be acting like a grown up that had a busy day. My parents and teachers tell me to act my age but now I'm acting older than that. It feels very good to of known you can do so much.

Thalia Marroquin

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